End of Netanyahu era could be in the cards

The reign of Israel's so-called 'King Bibi' could soon come to an end.

Benjamin Netanyahu's record run as the country's longest-​serving prime minister hangs in the balance as Israel was gripped by political drama over the weekend.

After four inconclusive parliamentary elections in two years, a 28-day mandate for opposition leader Yair Lapid to form a new government runs out on Wednesday.

Media reports say he is close to putting together a coalition that would end Netanyahu's 12-year stretch.

Far-right politician Naftali Bennett is the kingmaker whose Yamina party has six key seats in parliament.

Bennett is expected to announce whether he will team up with Lapid, who leads the Yesh Atid party.

Netanyahu's opponents have described the pairing as a government of "change" comprising factions from the left, center and right.

Such a diverse grouping could be fragile, and would require the support of Arab members of parliament whose political views differ sharply from Bennett's Yamina party.

Netanyahu on Friday fueled speculation about the end of his tenure in a Twitter video.

"Real Alert," he wrote, and warned of a dangerous "left-wing" administration on the horizon.

Bennett reversed course over ousting Netanyahu before fighting erupted in Gaza between Israel and militants.

But a ceasefire has held and a Lapid-Bennett partnership could be back on course.

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