'Empty syringe' vaccine recipients will get new shots - Adham

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'Empty syringe' vaccine recipients will get new shots - Adham
'Empty syringe' vaccine recipients will get new shots - Adham

Anyone who has been proven to receive an 'empty syringe' Covid-19 vaccine shot will be given a new injection, said the Health Ministry.

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba said they will be calling in those individuals again to receive their shots.

“Will be called in for an injection again,” he said on WhatsApp when asked about the issue, as reported by Berita Harian today.

He was responding to several incidents at vaccination centres (PPVs) where individuals who recorded themselves during the vaccination process claimed they were given blank shots of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Their videos have since gone viral on social media.

The first case happened on July 17 at a drive-through vaccination at the Lapangan Terbang Sungai Petani army camp which was meant for armed forces personnel and their family members, according to the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF).

There were another two incidents acknowledged by CITF at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (Mitec) and Bangi Avenue Convention Centre (BACC) PPVs.

The Mitec and BACC incidents were both said to have occurred on July 17. Police reports have been lodged by the complainants in both incidents.

CITF has said the police are investigating both incidents and the public will be informed of any updates.

“If wrongdoing is found, CITF will not hesitate to terminate the services of the personnel involved and also take action in accordance with the law,” it had said.

It reiterated that in accordance with the standard operating procedure (SOP), all personnel administering the Covid-19 vaccine must show the filled syringe to recipients before they are injected.

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