Empty Shelves at Perth Supermarket as Local Man Dies From Coronavirus

Nervous residents were stocking up on essentials in Perth on March 2, leaving empty shelves at supermarkets as a local man was confirmed as the first Australian to die from the coronavirus.

James Kwan, a 78-year-old retired travel agent, contracted the virus aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the Australian said. Hundreds of people aboard the ship became infected as it was quarantined in Japan.

Kwan received additional treatment Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital after he returned to Australia. He died early on Sunday, March 1. His wife also tested positive for the virus and was in stable condition, the paper said.

This footage, recorded at a Coles supermarket in Perth, shows rows of empty shelves. “No toilet paper, no hand sanitizer, no flour, no rice, no Dettol, no Panadol, no vinegar, no tissues, no disposable gloves at all!,” the person who recorded the video said. “Fresh fruit and vegetables and meat seem to be ok,” they noted. Credit: JC via Storyful