‘Empower Academy’ trains women soccer players

This academy is training a new generation of women soccer players

LOCATION: Giza, Egypt

Egyptian soccer coach Farida Salem founded ‘Empower Academy’

for girls aged 5 to 18 to pursue their love for soccer

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) EMPOWER ACADEMY FOUNDER AND SOCCER COACH, FARIDA SALEM, SAYING:"The idea of the academy started when I was young, as I could not find (soccer) academies for girls, I used to play in boy's academies. I was constantly told that I cannot play certain games, I cannot participate in the league because it is a men's team. They made me play in positions that I did not want, like a defender or a goalkeeper. I felt uncomfortable. I had the idea since I was young so that I can fix what was not available. I want to offer a chance to girls at a young age to train in a place that is comfortable to them, where they can train with other girls and be given due attention."

In Egypt soccer is predominantly a male sport, but things are changing

This year the academy will join this year's soccer league for under 14 and 16

in cooperation with privately-owned ZED FC

In March, the CAF opened the bidding for the first women's champions league

and the Egyptian Football Association called on clubs to form women teams

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