'Emotional and inspired': Platinum Jubilee concertgoers

STORY: Concertgoer Jessica Strawford told Reuters she felt the entire show was "incredible", saying, "The drones and the lights and everything... it makes you feel very proud to be British. I don't know, I feel really sort of like quite emotional watching it."

Her friend Emma Mesquita echoed the sentiment, adding that she felt the occasion has brought the country together. "Everyone's so, like, jolly and happy, and it's been such a fantastic few days, and I feel like everyone's just so happy," she said.

Another concertgoer, Andy Skuce said he was proud to be a citizen under the reign of the Queen, saying, "Tonight it's been emotional because it's the longest serving monarch ever on the throne, and we don't know how much longer it's going to last, and I absolutely love her. And also, it was an opportunity to get together with friends and celebrate this magnificent, once in a lifetime occasion."

Meanwhile, reveller Cecilia Walker was inspired by appearance of British broadcaster and natural historian David Attenborough and the message the royals were bringing about climate change. "I was thoroughly inspired by that, actually, and I thought that message was strong. It was positive, it was inspiring, and I'm looking forward to the future for sure, with the British monarchy," she said.

They were among tens of thousands of people crammed at the park, around the palace, down the Mall grand boulevard, as the a pre-recorded sketch of Queen Elizabeth having tea with Paddington Bear kicked off the show before the band Queen opened with their anthem "We Will Rock You".

The Queen herself was not present, having missed a number of Jubilee events because of "episodic mobility problems" that have caused her to cancel engagements recently.

The four days of celebrations to mark the monarch's seven decades as queen began on Thursday and will end on Sunday.

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