Emotional Eric Adams Addresses Media After Casting Ballot for NYC Mayor

Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams became emotional as he spoke to media in Brooklyn on Election Day, November 2, after casting his ballot in the race.

Video posted to Adams’s official campaign Facebook page shows the candidate addressing reporters after casting his ballot for mayor Tuesday morning in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. He held a framed photo of his late mother, Dorothy, as he spoke.

Adams began by reflecting on a memory from 1977, when his mother brought him with her to vote, becoming emotional and pausing, accepting a tissue to wipe his tears.

“So every little boy or little girl who was ever told they’ll never amount to anything. Every child with a learning disability. Every inmate sitting in Rikers. Every dishwasher. Every child in a homeless shelter. This is for all of you,” Adams said. "I only have three words: I am you. We won already.

“Someone asked me how many votes you need to feel you have a victory. They just don’t get it. We won already. I’m not supposed to be standing here, and because I’m standing here, every day New York is going to realize that they deserve the right to stand in the city also. This is for the little guy.”

Adams, a veteran New York City police officer and the Brooklyn Borough President, goes up against Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels.

Polls in New York City are open until 9 pm Tuesday. Credit: Eric Adams via Storyful

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