Emmys fans upset by Anthony Anderson’s ‘rude’ mum interrupting speeches

Emmys host Anthony Anderson’s mother upset some viewers after she interrupted several acceptance speeches.

During the Monday (15 Januar) night ceremony, which honoured the best in TV, including The Bear, Succession and Beef, the Black-ish star announced that “tonight, my mama, she is going to be the Emmys ‘play-off mama’”.

“Now when you see my mama coming, just thank Jesus and your family and wrap it up,” he explained before his mother, Doris Bowman, stood up to interrupt him. “Shut up! That’s enough! I want to go to the after-party,” she yelled. “Hurry up!”

When it came time for The White Lotus’s Jennifer Coolidge to accept her award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, she walked on stage acknowledging that “last year, I talked too long” and “got the hook”.

“So I’m gonna be so fast,” she said as she went on to thank creator “Mike White for giving me this opportunity to play this incredible character”.

“Dave Bernad, amazing producer, Mike Kamine,” Coolidge continued. “There are so many – oh you see [time’s] running out. So I just want to thank all the evil gays.”

The camera, then, quickly panned to show Bowman holding a sign to let the actor know that her time was up. As Coolidge attempted to continue, Bowman spoke up, telling her: “I love you, baby, but time.”

“I love you, too,” Coolidge responded. “I just want to say one thing. I had a little dream in my little town and everyone said it was impractical and that it was far-fetched, but it happened after all, so don’t give up on your dream.”

Later on in the broadcast, John Oliver poked fun at Bowman’s bit, joking that “I’m not leaving without being played off by Anthony Anderson’s mum”.

“So I’m going to start by reading off the names of the Liverpool football team,” the comedian said as he was joined by his Last Week Tonight team to accept the award for Outstanding Scripted Variety Series.

Again, Bowman cut in to warn him that his time was up, to which he quickly quipped: “I would like to thank Jesus and my family.”

Several viewers took to X to express their annoyance over Bowman’s skit, with one writing: “I don’t know about this Anthony Anderson’s mom shouting people off bit. Feels even ruder than the usual playoff music.”

“I’m gonna need them to end that comedy bit with Anthony Anderson and his mom. It’s so tired and it gives me the ick,” a second commented.

“Using Anthony Anderson’s mum instead of music to play off long speeches is the definition of a funny idea on paper that doesn’t work in real life,” a third tweeted, adding that “her basically heckling Jennifer Coolidge was a little uncomfortable”.

“Not just awful but rude,” another agreed. “Especially to do to Coolidge, who would have provided a memorable speech if allowed.”

One admitted that while it was “funny as a bit” it “should have stopped there”.

Others found Bowman’s ability to keep the broadcast to a tight three hours commendable, however. “Man, they are blowing through these categories,” one wrote. “I kinda love the threat of Anthony Anderson’s mom! Bring her to the Oscars.”

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