Emma Stone stole her “Saturday Night Live ”Five-Timers Club jacket: 'It's in my closet'

“I was like, ‘No. I’ll be taking it with me, I’ll be wearing it to [the] after-party, and I’ll be taking it home.’”

Emma Stone worked hard for her Saturday Night Live Five-Timers Club jacket and she was determined to keep it no matter the cost. 

The Oscar-winning actress, who was inducted into the elite club of performers earlier this year, revealed on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show that SNL requested that she return the jacket that Tina Fey and Candice Bergen presented her with at the end of her monologue. And, well, Stone wasn’t exactly having that. 

“I don’t wanna blow up their spot because, again, it’s my favorite place, but they don’t want you to keep the jacket,” Stone said. “It’s like, a thing!”

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<p>Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images</p> Tina Fey, host Emma Stone, and Candice Bergen on 'SNL'

Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

Tina Fey, host Emma Stone, and Candice Bergen on 'SNL'

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Host Jimmy Fallon, who starred on SNL for six years, explained that joining the Five-Timers Club is more of a “sketch” than it is about actually honoring someone for their hard work and dedication to the show. 

Stone received a similar note. “They’re like, ‘You know you’re not keeping the jacket. You’re just wearing it for the monologue,’” she recalled. “I was like, ‘No. I’ll be taking it with me, I’ll be wearing it to [the] after-party, and I’ll be taking it home.’” 

And she did just that. “I did take it home,” Stone confessed through her laughter. “And now it’s in my closet! That’s right!”

However, she added that “they also know where to find me” if SNL ever really does need it back since she doesn't live too far away. She’s also not the only one with a close connection to the show in her household: her husband, Dave McCary, served as its segment director from 2013 until 2018.

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Stone made “SNL herstory” when she was inducted into the club and presented with her coat by Fey and Bergen last December. 

“Thank you, this is amazing,” an emotional Stone said at the time. “This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid and it means so much that I get to share this moment with you guys so thank you.”

Watch Stone talk about joining the club — and her dress ripping at the Oscars — in the clip above.

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