Emma Maembong unperturbed by "partner-swapping" allegation

22 Feb - Emma Maembong would rather not give any more weight to the allegation and rumour that she was the artiste who is reportedly involved in the sexual practice of "swinging".

The actress, who was asked about the rumour recently, stated that she has no qualms taking legal action if such claims are continuously being disseminated by irresponsible parties, but that she would rather ignore it for the time being.

"People will say lots of things about me. If I didn't do it, why should I respond to it? I will just ignore it. There is no need for me to respond when it's not true. If it was, I would have gone viral a long time ago," she said.

Emma is married to pilot Muhammad Shazli Azhar
Emma is married to pilot Muhammad Shazli Azhar

Emma stated that she would only take legal action if the allegations do not subside, adding, "But will they have money to pay me if I sue them?"

The actress said that she is a mother now, and she would not want her children to read false allegations about her once they grow up.

"I am just human, not a robot," she added.

Netizens recently pointed fingers at Emma following rumours that a female artiste with two children has been involved in swinging, or partner-swapping. The rumour alleged that the artiste even offered sex with her husband to a friend during her pregnancy.

(Photo Source: Emma Maembong IG)