Emma Barnett on the shocking first host of Woman's Hour

Respected journalist and broadcaster Emma Barnett talks Kate through a shocking discovery she made when researching the history of Woman's Hour - that the very first host, was a man.

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Video transcript

- Initially, it was brought to the air by a man.

- The first presenter of "Woman's Hour" was a man.

- What the hell?

- I know.

- Called Alan. Oy, Alan.

- I have to look at this sometimes quite regularly to believe it. It was thought an urban myth of broadcasting, I'm sure you will have heard, that women wouldn't like another woman's voice on the airwaves because they would always want to marry the person that they listened to. So it'd be highly preferable to have--

- Oh my god.

- Your boyfriend syndrome or your husband syndrome.

- Is that right?

- Yeah. I mean, we don't know where that's from.

- I thought it was because we were because considered too shrill.

- Women could be correspondents on "Women's Hour" while there was a male anchor. Your point about shrill was very right, because they used to say, well, we'll need to get a different microphone for the ladies, and could you lower it, and could you speak a bit slower. You know, all these different things to modulate us and moderate us.

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