Eminem Speaks to God on Dr. Dre’s Remix of Kanye West’s ‘Use This Gospel’

Many fans were surprised to see that a Dr. Dre remix of Kanye West’s song “Use This Gospel” featuring Eminem — which was slated for West’s never-released, Dr. Dre-helmed revamp of his 2019 “Jesus Is King” album — turned up on DJ Khaled’s new album, “God Did,” which dropped last night.

While Khaled explained to Apple Radio’s Zane Lowe (in typically verbose fashion) that he’d simply asked West, who had played the unreleased album for him a couple of years ago, if he could use the version on his album, West said yes and the necessary clearances were cleared. (See below.) But more interesting is what Eminem raps on the remix, which was teased on Instagram by West in 2020 — whether or not he’s serious, it shows a strong sense of faith that’s very much on-message for both “Jesus Is King” and “God Did.”

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“I’m holding on but I don’t know if I can take it much longer

Today’s the day that I put all of my trust and faith in You, Father

Please let this hate make me stronger

‘Fore they turn on me like a zombie

It’s like I’m being strangled unconscious

When temptation is almost like Satan is making you tryna

Take you away from your daughters

Danglin’ a bunch of painkillers on ya

Wavin’ ’em in your face and then watch ’em comin’ extra strength

And that’s why they make ’em in rectangular objects

‘Cause that’s the shape of a coffin

Though, it ain’t medication this time

But the devil’s egging me on

And I ain’t gonna let ’em break me ’cause I’m a soldier

He continues later in the verse:

“I’m armed with Jesus, my weapon is prayer

Soon as I squeeze it, I’m blessed like sneezes

Call me Yeezus, I’m F’d in the head, maybe I’m bonkers

Regardless, never claimed to be flawless

Long as the mistakes I’ve acknowledged.”

Finally, he concludes the verse with:

“Bible at my side like a rifle with a God-given gift

Every single day I thank God for

That’s why I pay so much homage

Praises to Jesus, I’ll always.”

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