Emergency Services Dispatched to Fatal Shooting in Monterey Park

At least nine people have died following a shooting in Monterey Park, California, late on Saturday, January 21, according to local media.

According to dispatch audio from Broadcastify, emergency services were made aware of a shooting at 122 West Garvey Avenue at around 10:30 pm local time on Saturday night.

At around 10:38 pm, according to Broadcastify timings, emergency services on the scene said there were three injured and “approximately 10 deceased” at the scene.

Casualties later rose to 17, including 10 “DOA” (dead on arrival) and seven injured, according to the dispatch audio.

Local media reported that celebrations marking Lunar New Year had been held in the neighborhood earlier in the day.

Dispatch recordings did not clarify whether a suspect was taken into custody. Credit: LAPD/Broadcastify via Storyful

Video transcript


- [INAUDIBLE] 61 RA 74 battalion 6, gunshot victims 122 West Garvey Avenue. Stage at Newmark and Ramona. Meet engine and RA 61 Newmark and Ramona.

- And we have 16 patients at this time. Let's go ahead our engine 62 [INAUDIBLE] 61 with triage. And let's go ahead and set up the triage tags and-- OK.

- [INAUDIBLE] triage from engine 61.

- Go ahead.

- I got three immediates in here. And I got approximately 10 deceased. I'm going to need another engine company for a litter team to get these immediates out of here.

- [INAUDIBLE], RA 106, additional units requested, multiple victims, gunshot wounds. 122 West Garvey Avenue in Monterey Park stage. Correction, staging location is Garfield and Roslyn, Garfield and Roslyn. Battalion 6 is in charge. Garfield [INAUDIBLE] on [INAUDIBLE]. Battalion chiefs notification only.

- [INAUDIBLE] copy. Thank you.


- [INAUDIBLE] the count, we're at 17 right now. I'm still trying to get a hold of the number of critical. I think you got the deceased number. I'll get back to you as soon as I get that number.

- [INAUDIBLE] copy. hey, triage from engine 61, I got one more critical, one more immediate inside the business.

- [INAUDIBLE] rundown from 61. So far you got five outside. They're being triaged and treated now-- inside, 10 DOA, two [INAUDIBLE]. You are going to need a treatment unit leader over next to engine 61.