Elvis Festival returns to Australian country town

STORY: "Oye, welcome to the 2022 Elvis Festival."

The Elvis Festival returned to Australia

for the first time in over two years

Location: Parkes, New South Wales

Thousands of Elvis impersonators and fans

shook and shimmied through the town

A special 'Elvis Express' train brought in attendees

[Len Connolly, Elvis impersonator]

"Ah, look, it's good, it's been a couple of years since we've been here so it's very good to be back and I'm happy to be back."

[Kingsley Rock, Elvis impersonator]

"I love it every time I come to Parkes. It's the only festival that the whole town is immersed in Elvis."

Business owners are happy the tourists are back

[Dave Chambers, Shop owner]

"Fantastic for the town, great to see people back and boosting the local economy. Plus getting back to a bit of normality as well. It's been a crazy world the last couple of years and it's good to see the festival back on track."

[Kristy Berry, Shop owner]

"We have missed it. Not only business-wise, but we've missed the people, we've missed the fun, we've missed the music."

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