Elon Musk's latest purchase might mean Twitter will be the place to find your next job

 Elon Musk in front of the Twitter logo
Elon Musk in front of the Twitter logo

Twitter has made what is believed to be its first acquisition under its new and controversial leadership.

The acquisition of recruitment start-up Laskie appears to represent a step in the platform’s direction to becoming a do-it-all app - a goal set out by current CEO Elon Musk, who will continue to work on product, software, and sysops in his new role as CTO.

California-based Laskie describes itself as the “most powerful platform to hire tech talent” having raised $6 million in seed funding since its launch in 2021.

Twitter acquires Laskie

It’s unclear what Musk and/or incoming CEO Linda Yaccarino’s goal is precisely, but acquiring a recruitment startup clearly indicates a step in that direction for the social networking platform, likely in a bid to take on the mighty LinkedIn.

Furthermore, getting hold of Twitter has become notoriously hard (read: impossible) with the dissolution of its press department and the introduction of an automated reply that simply includes the poop emoji.

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With plans to turn Twitter into a “super app,” which regularly gets referred to as ‘X,’ further acquisitions are very likely on the cards as it looks to be the one and only app for consumers’ online needs, from payments and networking to gaming and ecommerce.

According to Axios, a source familiar with the news said that the purchase, via cash and stock, was worth “tens of millions.”

Neither company has made a public announcement about the news as yet, though just hours after the news broke Laskie’s website closed down. Now, a message simply reads: “The Laskie platform is no longer available.”