Elon Musk Rejects Jimmy Fallon’s Plea to ‘Fix’ Twitter Meme Claiming Fallon Died

After #JimmyFallonIsDead trended Tuesday on Twitter, the late-night host asked Twitter owner Elon Musk directly if he could “fix it.” Musk’s brief response on Wednesday morning: “Fix what?”

While several people took the hashtag at face value and thought Fallon was really dead, it quickly became a meme with photos of people who were definitely not the former “SNL” star, including fellow late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden.

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Some speculated whether the misleading meme violated Twitter’s new policies, or if they fell under the category of Musk-sanctioned “parody.”

Another variation on a “Simpsons” episode featured Lisa Simpson wheeling Bart into their parents’ room with the fake announcement, “Mom, Dad, Jimmy Fallon is dead!”

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