Elon Musk recruits team to build ChatGPT rival

STORY: Microsoft-backed chatbot ChatGPT has taken the tech world by storm.

By some counts it’s the fastest growing consumer app in history.

That has sparked a race to develop rival products, and now Elon Musk wants a slice of the action.

The billionaire is recruiting a team to develop a rival product.

That’s according to The Information, which cited sources with direct knowledge of the effort.

The report says he’s trying to hire an engineer who recently left Google’s DeepMind AI unit.

Musk was actually among the founders of OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT.

He left its board in 2018, but has called the chatbot “scary good”.

It can draft prose, poetry or even computer code on command.

Now Musk’s new project is said to be in its early stages, with no specific product yet outlined.

The Tesla boss couldn’t be reached for comment on the reports.