Elon Musk gets a new title: 'Technoking of Tesla'

Elon Musk gets called a lot of things...

But Monday (March 15) saw him get a new title: 'technoking of Tesla'.

And that's official.

The company founder's new title was listed in a regulatory filing.

It also listed finance chief Zachary Kirkhorn as 'master of coin'.

No explanation for the cryptic new titles was offered.

But one might refer to Tesla's new interest in cryptocurrencies.

Last month the firm revealed it had bought 1.5 billion dollars of bitcoin.

Tesla will soon accept it as payment for its cars.

The news helped send bitcoin's price soaring.

Over the weekend the virtual money hit fresh record highs around 62,000 dollars.

Musk has also promoted alternative cryptocurrency dogecoin, which was founded just as a joke.

The technoking's blessing was enough to send it soaring too.