Elizabeth Warren Greets Children Outside Polling Station in Her Home State of Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren arrived in her hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts, on March 3, Super Tuesday, to vote in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

In video posted to Warren’s official Instagram page, the senator is seen speaking to a group of children before casting her ballot in a local polling station. Afterward, she greeted a crowd of supporters who chanted “welcome home.”

The Democratic presidential candidates are bracing themselves as 14 states, including California and Texas, vote on who they want to be the party’s 2020 presidential candidate. American Samoa, a territory, is also holding a caucus today.

Many polls close at 7 pm.

Roger Lau, Warren’s campaign manager, said he expects Warren to have a strong delegate performance on Super Tuesday, and predicted the field of candidates will narrow “considerably” afterward. Credit: Elizabeth Warren via Storyful