Elizabeth Debicki had to kick off her shoes to climb SAG Awards stage

Elizabeth Debicki had to kick off her shoes to climb SAG Awards stage

The 6'3" actress pulled off an upset win for her performance as Princess Diana in "The Crown."

Elizabeth Debicki was taken by surprise by her win at the SAG Awards on Saturday. Sure, that's what they all say, but she really wasn't prepared — and the 6'3" actress had to kick her shoes off in order to make it to the stage to accept her award for playing Princess Diana on The Crown.

"I'm not wearing shoes right now," Debicki noted on stage. She continued, "I don't really know what to say, so I'm just gonna wing it."

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Elizabeth Debicki

Debicki thanked the other nominees in her category — Jennifer Aniston for The Morning Show, Bella Ramsey for The Last of Us, Keri Russell for The Diplomat, and Sarah Snook for Succession — and shared a memory about her very first acting job.

"The women in my category, I watch with total awe and I learned how to do my craft watching you, so being nominated next to you is incredible," Debicki said. "I really, really love my job. A week ago, I had the flu, and I was laying in bed. I was thinking about childhood, and I was thinking about a happy memory. I remembered the first time I was ever cast in a play. I was year five, I must have been 10. I think someone's parent wrote it, and it was about... kids getting along. I don't think it was an actual play."

Debicki continued, "somebody gave me that part on the last day of school. It was a 15-minute walk home, and I think I just levitated home. I was so happy. I feel like that every time someone gives me a job."

Before the ceremony began, Debicki told EW's Patrick Gomez and PEOPLE's Janine Rubinstein that she particularly loves some of her more offbeat roles, like playing the gold alien queen Ayesha in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

"I enjoy when people think of you in a completely random way," Debicki said. "That's my favorite bit of being an actor."

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