Elisabeth Moss Details How She Fractured a Vertebra While Filming a Stunt for ‘The Veil’

“The Handmaid’s Tale” actress Elisabeth Moss suffered a severe vertebra injury while shooting a stunt for her upcoming series “The Veil.”

Ahead of the FX on Hulu miniseries premiere on April 30, the actress detailed a scene in which her character Imogen fights off an assailant on a rooftop above the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Naturally, Moss plays an undercover MI6 agent trying to stop an ISIS terrorist attack against the United States on the show.

“We trained for weeks and weeks and weeks, and apparently it may not have actually quite been enough because the first take, which that’s actually the second time what you saw that we shot the whole scene, the first take. I went and did the wrong thing,” Moss previously told Jimmy Kimmel in January. “It wasn’t anyone’s fault, and I went up against a wall and actually broke my back.”

A rep for the actress further confirmed her injury to TheWrap on Wednesday.

Moss then had to lay on the rooftop for two hours until she could walk down six flights of winding stairs to get her injury examined, when she eventually learned that she “fractured a vertebra.”

Now, days ahead of “The Veil’s” debut, Moss and producer Denise Di Novi detailed more about the incident — and just how tricky the stunt really was.

“I felt so bad for her,” Di Novi told Variety in an interview out Wednesday. “She is underselling how hard a lot of the stunt was that she did.”

“Well, I didn’t know if we were going to be able to come back and shoot on this rooftop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. It’s not like that is an easy thing to accomplish,” Moss added. “But luckily, we as a production, and then FX, thank God, let us go back and shoot it again, which was incredible.”

“The Veil” premieres Tuesday, April 30, on Hulu.

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