Elisabeth Moss Broke Her Spine While Filming New FX Show 'The Veil'

Elisabeth Moss suffered a broken back after filming a stunt that went horribly wrong for the upcoming spy thriller series “The Veil.”

In a new interview with Variety published Wednesday, Moss revealed that the mishap left her “lying on the roof for a couple hours” in Istanbul, where they filmed one of the show’s early episodes.

In the second episode, Moss, who plays a British MI6 agent trying to stop a terrorist attack, faces off against a foe on a rooftop in the Turkish city.

“The [scene] you see in the show is actually the second time we shot it, about six weeks later,” the actor said. “The first time we shot it I hit a wall the wrong way, let’s just say, and ended up lying on the roof for a couple hours.”

Moss’ co-producer, Denise Di Novi, stayed with her while she awaited an examination after the incident, with Di Novi telling Variety that she “felt so bad for [Moss]” because she “fractured a vertebra really badly.”

“She is underselling how hard a lot of the stunt was that she did,” Di Novi added.

Despite suffering a serious injury, Moss didn’t want to pause production and resumed filming the very next day.

“We actually shot the next day at the airport, those are the Paris airport scenes you see [in the episode], and I actually have, like, a broken back,” the Emmy-winning actor said.

Moss went on to add that she requested the production crew use visual effects to help finalize the scene after she filmed it with limited mobility.

“I tried to get them to put a green blanket over me, and just VFX me out,” she said. “I was like, ‘Look, just put the green blanket over me and you can scrub me out in post.’”

“The Veil” debuts Tuesday on Hulu.