Elevator to hell: Hotel designates ‘non-halal’ lift to transport non-halal goods

Malaysia’s obsession with things needing to be halal-certified has reached an ungodly level.

Recently, renowned activist and lawyer, Siti Kasim, posted on her Instagram a “non-halal” notice inside an elevator at a hotel in Petaling Jaya.

According to the hotel, the lift is used to transport non-halal goods and perishable items.

It said that this is a condition imposed by the authorities that must be met in order for the hotel’s back-of-house operations, including the service lift, to acquire their halal certification.

It added that they have changed the wording on the sign so that customers and visitors would understand it better.

Siti had requested an explanation from the hotel in her post on Instagram yesterday.

Meanwhile, other social media users joked about the sign and called it a lift to hell.

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