Elephant's unique hairstyle delights temple visitors

The female elephant, lovingly known as Bob-cut Sengamalam, plays mouth organ with her trunk leaving visitors impressed.

Sengamalam was brought to the Rajagopalaswamy Temple in the state's Mannargudi town in 2003 and has been provided utmost care and treatment by her trainer, Rajagopal, since then. Rajagopal gave her the unique bob-cut look and washes them three times a day during summers, and at least twice a day in other seasons.

Elephants are deeply revered in India, where the elephant-headed god Ganesha is one of the most popular in the Hindu pantheon and is also considered lucky. India has more than 50 percent of Asiatic elephants, however, its population has been dwindling due to frequent poaching for its ivory.

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