Elephant predicts a draw for Germany-Hungary match

With German media outlets excitedly predicting the national team's progress through to the finals after an inspiring 4-2 Euros win against Portugal, the home team's elephant oracle is less sure.

"Yashoda" the Hamburg elephant on Tuesday (June 22) predicted a draw against Hungary in the last game of the group.

Hamburg's 41-year-old soccer oracle was born "in the Indian jungle" and lost track of her herd shortly after birth, according to German media reports which also said Indian park rangers took the then baby elephant to the zoo of Mysore.

In 1990, Yashoda, who weighs a hefty 3.8 tons and eats around 150kg per day, arrived in Hamburg.

Now in 2021 she is attempting to predict Germany's soccer progress from her home in Hagenbeck Zoo.

UEFA's Euro 2020 is taking place between June 11 and July 11, 2021.

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