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These Elegant Jumpsuits Will Make You the Chicest Wedding Guest Ever

ATTN: Wedding season is officially upon us!! This is great news if you enjoy celebrating love, friendship and, most importantly, open bars. But before you can have a blast at the reception, you'll probably be scouring your closet for days looking for the perfect wedding guest dress. But is a dress truly the only option to wear to a wedding these days? If you ask us, the answer is a hard NO.

Jumpsuits have been a wardrobe fave since the '70s and have only gained momentum in the 21st century with good reason— they look incredibly cute while also being ridiculously comfortable. They're a great outfit for a Sunday brunch with the squad, a day at the beach, or, yes, even a wedding. A chic one paired with some bomb accessories (and possibly a shawl if it has an open back or exposed shoulders, depending on dress code) results in an ideal outfit for those long and drawn out weddings. (Plus, they're easy to dance in once you finally hit the reception.) We've compiled a list of the 24 trendiest jumpsuits to show everyone at your friend's wedding that this is not only an appropriate outfit choice, it's THE outfit choice.