Electronic tattoos could help monitor your health

STORY: South Korean researchers want to use wearable ink to monitor your vital signs

LOCATOR: Daejeon, South Korea

[Steve Park, Materials Science and Engineering Professor / Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology]

“This is 'e-tattoo', which we have recently developed. This is made with liquid metal and combined with carbon nanotubes. With this technology we can measure various types of signals coming from the body. For instance, we can measure an ECG (electrocardiogram) or biomarkers in sweat, and also we can use it as heater for physical therapy treatments.”

The ink effectively works by creating an electric circuit on the skin

Park calls the ink 'biocompatible' which means it does not harm living tissue

“Compared to previous devices which are patch type, we can apply it directly to the skin. So, therefore it's much more comfortable to the user. Also when you're eliminating it from your skin you just have to use soap to wash it off, whereas in the other case the removal is a little bit uncomfortable to the user."

The tech is still in its early phases

but Park's team hopes that it can offer a personalized, non-intrusive way

for individuals and doctors to monitor health conditions

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