Elderly Platypus Gets Health Check at Sydney Zoo

A Sydney zoo has released footage of an elderly platypus named Mackenzie getting a health check from veterinary staff.

In the video, which was filmed on October 15, the 20-year-old platypus is seen being transported from his enclosure at Taronga Zoo to a hospital setting where vets performed a number of tests.

“Platypus are known to live to around 17 years of age in a zoo setting, but Mackenzie is now 20 years old,” a zoo spokesperson said. “Mackenzie was receiving a general health check by our veterinary team, including a general body condition assessment, X-rays and blood tests.”

“Being in his twilight years, our veterinary team performed an array of tests to ensure he is still in good health,” the zoo said in a Facebook post. Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney via Storyful

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