Elden Ring's infamous boss Godrick will never recover from losing to a goldfish rigged up to a webcam

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One streamer’s pet goldfish has done the seemingly impossible and defeated Elden Ring’s infamous boss, Godrick the Fell Omen, all from the comfort of his fish tank.

YouTuber PointCrow has been teaching his pet goldfish - called Tortellini - how to play the FromSoftware RPG for months at this point, and the training culminated in the video below, as the underdog goldfish slayed two Elden Ring bosses, plus Malenia’s first phase. PointCrow explains that to make the playthrough possible, he contacted a programmer to “digitally track” the fish and rig up his movements to a webcam.

“He individually took every frame from the sample video I sent him and trained a machine learning algorithm to identify Tortellini in any instance ever,” explained PointCrow. “So now I am the sole owner of an extremely powerful programme that is famously used by the military-industrial complex for... reasons. And I'm gonna see if my goldfish can play video games with it.” See, to git gud, all we needed was a military-grade programme and a $6 goldfish.

With (probably) the world’s smartest goldfish on hand, PointCrow began the boss rush with Margit. The playthrough is as funny and unbelievable as it is intense since Tortellini dies while Margit only has 1HP left. But eventually, the overworked fishie comes out victorious - even if he needed a nap halfway through.

Defeating Margit shows that anything is possible for Tortellini, so things ramp up with fights against both Godrick and Malenia. I especially enjoy the idiosyncrasies in the fights. At one point, for example, the goldfish chugs every single healing flask on hand - which PointCrow just calls a “flex.” But despite the sometimes odd moves, I have a sneaking feeling that Tortellini can actually hear his owner. When PointCrow screams for the fish to swim toward the heal button, Tortellini seems to listen. Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but it’s funner to imagine that the fish actually got good.

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