Elden Ring DLC: All Scadutree Fragment locations and where to find them in Shadow of the Erdtree

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The new Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, has hundreds of new items to find, including weapons, armor sets, spells, Ashes of War, consumables, and more. Of all of these, though, there's one that will be crucial to your progress through the Land of Shadow: Scadutree Fragments. These play an integral role in Shadow of the Erdtree's new Shadow Realm Blessing progression mechanic, and when used at a Site of Grace, will permanently increase the damage you deal and reduce the damage you take in the DLC (they have no effect in the Lands Between).

Scadutree Fragments are far more numerous than the Revered Spirit Ashes that grant the same benefits to your Spirit Ashes, which can make hunting all of them down tricky. To help you get plenty of them as you play, I've put together a guide below that goes over every known Scadutree Fragment location, along with an overview of what to look for while searching for them yourself.

Elden Ring DLC: How to find Scadutree Fragments

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Elden Ring

Scadutree Fragments are found in large quantities all over the Elden Ring DLC, but in almost all cases, the things they're located close to or drop from are not random. By being aware of these patterns, you'll know what to look for, and can generally tell when an enemy you see or an item you find will reward you with a Scadutree Fragment.

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All Scadutree Fragments are rare items with a strong purple glow instead of the standard blue one. Of course, this doesn't mean that every purple item is a Scadutree Fragment, but it does mean that you'll never find a Scadutree Fragment that looks like a "standard" item. If you see a purple item while exploring, prioritize reaching it and you may get a fragment.

Nearly all Scadutree Fragments are found on or in front of Marika statues, including the ones within the churches you can find in the Land of Shadow. If you see an item in front of a Marika statue, it's almost guaranteed to be a Scadutree Fragment.

There's also always a Scadutree Fragment located near Miquella's Crosses. These magical crosses essentially act as Miquella's footsteps to follow, and also always have a Site of Grace nearby in addition to a Scadutree Fragment.

A handful of Scadutree Fragments also drop from Shadow Undead carrying sparkling pots and large hippopotamus enemies found in a few different areas. The former may sometimes drop Revered Spirit Ashes or other items instead, but the latter always drop one or two Scadutree Fragments.

Elden Ring DLC: Miquella's Cross locations

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There are 11 of Miquella's Crosses in the DLC in total, and directly next to each one, you'll find a Scadutree Fragment on the ground. I've marked the images above with each one's location and have numbered them based on the order you're most likely to discover them in; read the corresponding numbered descriptions below for more details on where each one is found.

Miquella's Cross 1: Directly north of the Gravesite Plain Site of Grace where the DLC began, just before the Ellac Greatbridge leading to Castle Ensis.

Miquella's Cross 2: In western Gravesite Plain, just before the entrance to the Belurat, Tower Settlement Legacy Dungeon.

Miquella's Cross 3: In eastern Gravesite Plain, southeast of the Castle Front Site of Grace. On the edge of a sloped plateau overlooking a poison swamp.

Miquella's Cross 4: Within Castle Ensis, located in northeastern Gravesite Plain past the Castle Front Site of Grace.

Miquella's Cross 5: In south Scadu Altus, found directly after exiting Castle Ensis and entering the region.

Miquella's Cross 6: A short ways east of the fifth Miquella's Cross, next to the Moorth Ruins.

Miquella's Cross 7: On the fourth floor of the Shadow Keep Legacy Dungeon located in northern Scadu Altus.

Miquella's Cross 8: In Ancient Ruins of Rauh, found just after getting through the first set of underground ruins in the area.

Miquella's Cross 9: In the central tower of Ancient Ruins of Rauh's Enir-Ilim Legacy Dungeon. Specifically, it's at the midway point of the dungeon, found after progressing through its lower sections.

Miquella's Cross 10: Found on the southeastern edge of the Cerulean Coast, on a cliff edge overlooking the ocean.

Miquella's Cross 11: Arguably the trickiest Miquella's Cross to find. Located within the Stone Coffin Fissure, a hidden underground area accessible from the southern tip of the Cerulean Coast. Use Torrent to platform your way down the massive hole there.

Gravesite Plain Scadutree Fragment locations

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Elden Ring

In addition to the multiple Scadutree Fragments you can get from the Miquella's Crosses in the Gravesite Plain, there are some you can find elsewhere while roaming the landscape. Specifically, there are three:

1. A pair of Scadutree Fragments are in the Church of Consolation located on the southeastern edge of the area.

2. There's another in front of a statue just southwest of the Castle Front Site of Grace, which itself is just southwest of Castle Ensis.

Scadu Altus Scadutree Fragment locations

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Scadu Altus is the largest zone in Shadow of the Erdtree, and unsurprisingly, it's also where you'll find most of the DLC's Scadutree Fragments — many of which are located inside or near the colossal Shadow Keep Legacy Dungeon to the north. Here's where you'll find each one:

1. This Scadutree Fragment is found in front of a Marika statue in central Scadu Altus, just northwest of the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace.

2. To the northeast of the Moorth Ruins Site of Grace is a hidden cave. At its entrance, you'll find another Scadutree Fragment.

3. North of the Highroad Cross Site of Grace you got when you entered the region through Castle Ensis is a large camp of soldiers. To the right of the soldiers guarding the front of it is a Marika statue with a Scadutree Fragment.

4. Directly west of that camp is the Church of the Crusade where you can find a fourth fragment.

5. There are five Scadutree Fragments within the Shadow Keep Legacy Dungeon itself. They're in the following places:

  • Two drop from the boss you can fight just past the Shadow Keep Main Gate Site of Grace.

  • One is on the hand of a tall Marika statue in the Church District on the east side of the Shadow Keep, which is easily accessible from eastern Scadu Altus. Specifically, it's northwest of the Sunken Chapel Site of Grace; to get it, you'll first need to progress on rooftops until you drain the water in the area, then make your way to the catwalks level with the statue and jump on its hand.

  • Another is found in front of a small statue just before the Shadow Keep's final boss fight. The bridge that leads to it, guarded by a particularly tough Fire Knight, is found on the western side of the exterior of the dungeon's main tower.

  • There's a third Scadutree Fragment in the room attached to the one where the Shadow Keep, Back Gate Site of Grace is. To reach it, you'll need head north while traversing the rafters of the main tower until you find a ladder that leads to a door to an exterior platform. Next to it is an elevator; ride it and then ride the one after it to get there.

6. There are five Scadutree Fragments in the "Scaduview" area north of the Shadow Keep's Back Gate (you first have to beat the boss fight there). Specifically, all five are at the northernmost point of this area in a cluster directly in front of a landmark called the Scadutree Chalice.

7. Another two can be found by defeating the large hippopotamus enemies in the swampy waterfall basin in lower eastern Scadu Altus. Note that you can only get to this area by taking a secret path found in the Shadow Keep; to find it, head down the elevator by the Storehouse, First Floor Site of Grace, look for a ladder next to the platform with all the flaming boats, and walk through the falling water in front of you.

Ancient Ruins of Rauh Scadutree Fragment locations

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Elden Ring

The Ancient Ruins of Rauh are home to several Scadutree Fragments, as is its Enir-Ilim Legacy Dungeon. They're found in the following places:

1. The region's first Scadutree Fragment drops from a Shadow Undead holding a sparkling pot in the first set of underground ruins you come across after the Viaduct Minor Tower Site of Grace. There's also one here who drops a Revered Spirit Ash.

Note: There's a hippopotamus enemy in the exterior of this area that also drops two Scadutree Fragments when slain, so keep an eye out for it.

2. Another Scadutree Fragment can be found in front of a large wall lit up by candles in the southwest underground ruins in front of the Rauh Ancient Ruins, West Site of Grace.

3. Here's where to find all the Scadutree Fragments in Enir-Ilim:

  • One is in front of a veiled Marika statue accessible by way of a hidden platforming section just before the Spiral Rise Site of Grace. To get to it, look for a broken staircase you can jump to from the south side of the stairs that lead up to the Spiral Rise.

  • There's another Scadutree Fragment after the Spiral Rise in a room just before the second set of rooftops where a Frost-aspected Divine Beast Warrior attacks you.

  • A third Scadutree Fragment can be found in the room with the Cleansing Chamber Anteroom Site of Grace. It's impossible to miss, so just progress until you get to it.

Other Scadutree Fragment locations

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Elden Ring

Here are a few additional Scadutree Fragment locations I've found. While the vast majority of these fragments are by Miquella's Crosses and within the aforementioned three major zones, you can find a couple in other smaller regions as well.

1. This Scadutree Fragment is located past the Foot of the Jagged Peak Site of Grace in the Jagged Peak, just before the Ancient Dragon boss fight there.

2. There's also a Scadutree Fragment at the Church Ruins in the southeastern part of the Abyssal Woods.

As the community discovers additional Scadutree Fragments hidden throughout the Land of Shadow, I'll keep this article updated with all the latest discoveries.

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