Elden Ring DLC busted seamless co-op mod at launch, but Shadow of the Erdtree players can look forward to a fix soon

 Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Belurat Castle.
Belurat Castle is one of many new locations in Shadow of the Erdtree. | Credit: Bandai Namco

What you need to know

  • Seamless Co-op is a massively popular mod for Elden Ring on Windows PC, allowing players to play essentially the entire game in co-op instead of being limited to summoning in particular zones.

  • Created by Luke Yui, this mod has been impacted by the recent launch of the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, meaning the mod doesn't work right now.

  • Yui has informed players that a fix is coming soon, but is asking for patience as the work has to be tested.

If you were looking forward to continuing your co-op adventures in the Lands Between without any borders, you'll need to hold on for a bit.

The extremely popular Seamless Co-op mod for Elden Ring is no longer working thanks to the launch of Shadow of the Erdtree, a massive expansion that brings new bosses, magic, and weapons in the Land of Shadow. With the DLC's arrival prompting some big updates, enough files have been affected to cause the Seamless Co-op mod to cease functioning properly.

Mod creator Luke Yui has already promised that fixes are being worked on and coming soon (thanks, PC Gamer), but that players need to show patience, as Yui is working for free and the fix needs to be properly tested before it's released into the wild. Per Yui, players will not lose their save files when the updated version of the mod is released, but "Please understand that I work long hours."

Why is Elden Ring's Seamless Co-op mod a big deal?

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

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Normally, co-op in Elden Ring is fairly limited, requiring players who summon each other to stay in a particular zone or section of the game. It's still possible — playing through FromSoftware games together is a time-honored tradition going back to Demon's Souls on the PlayStation 3 — but it's made extremely difficult and, more annoyingly, time-consuming.

With the Seamless Co-op mod, Elden Ring players on PC can just play the game together, no asterisks marks or constant interruptions depending on where they want to go. Even death is not the end, with co-op sessions continuing even if a player dies.

Analysis: Be patient, please

It's not surprising that such a big addition as Shadow of the Erdtree would cause some interruptions with mods, especially one as far-reaching as Seamless Co-op. Bethesda game fans like myself are intimately familiar with how often mods have to be rewritten or adjusted once the game itself has been updated by the developers.

Yui has done amazing work so far, so I will join him in asking players to please be patient until the work is complete. This is entirely free, after all. That said, if you'd like to support Yui with a tip, I've linked his Ko-fi page here.

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