Einstein goes AI at World Robot Conference

The World Robot Conference kicked off in Beijing on Friday with backflipping dogs…

an AI pianist…

and what may be the brainiest robot yet - a Chinese-speaking Albert Einstein.

The latest creations were largely focused on service – like a robotic dog made by DeepRobotics that can detect its own posture in real time to remain flexible and stable, the company’s marketing manager said.

"Its biggest advantage is that it can replace humans to complete some tasks in complex and dangerous scenarios. For example, it can adapt to terrains such as stairs, slopes, gravel roads, and grass."

There’s also what’s referred to as a nursing robot – a mechanized wheelchair that can take someone to a bathtub or toilet, then back to bed, all on its own.

Its founder sees China, with its large elderly population, as the biggest market for this type of AI.

"Most young people today are unwilling to engage in this job. Therefore, there is a huge gap in the workers who can take care of disabled elderly people, and this gap has brought great problems to the country and society."

The World Robot Conference runs through Monday.

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