8 years after coming out, Jason Collins credits gay female athletes for 'leading the way'

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In the eight years since former NBA player Jason Collins publicly came out as gay, a lot has changed in the world. But one thing hasn't changed as much as he'd like it to. 

During an LGBTQ+ Pride panel with the Paley Center for Media, Collins talked about what's surprised him most since he came out in 2013, and the No. 1 thing is the lack of gay male athletes. 

"It surprises me that there aren't more out male athletes right now, that actually does surprise me," Collins said. "I'm in contact with, and I'm sure Adam [Rippon] might know a few as well, who are closeted. It did surprise me."

Collins then immediately pivoted to crediting women — especially the WNBA — for taking the torch from him and living their lives as out and proud athletes. 

"I am glad to see that once again, women are leading the way," Collins said. "Look no further than the WNBA, there are so many superstars who are speaking their truth and living their lives. And we can look to arguably the most powerful sports couple with Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird, just incredible human beings and what they're showing the world."

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