Eight weeks’ jail for Hong Kong police inspector who stalked former girlfriend for nearly two years

Brian Wong

A Hong Kong police inspector has been jailed for eight weeks for harassing his former girlfriend over a period of almost two years in an attempt to restore their relationship.

The charges against Li Tin-lok, who was jailed at Eastern Court, also included assaulting his former partner and a friend of hers – anonymised as X and Y respectively by the prosecution to protect their identities – and resisting police officers upon arrest.

Prosecutors said the 35-year-old officer broke up with X in 2018 after a 4½ year relationship turned sour, but he kept stalking the woman near her residence at a public housing estate in Cheung Sha Wan, forcing her to install a surveillance camera outside her flat.

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On August 29 last year, X checked the security footage at her home while she was on the street, only to find Li waiting outside her flat from 7pm.

As she was heading home at 11.30pm, Li suddenly approached her outside the housing estate and grabbed her left arm, requesting a short conversation. The woman felt terrified, pushed away the officer’s hand and ran away.

Li Tin-lok did not ask for mitigation during the hearing at Eastern Court. Photo: SCMP Pictures

Li approached Y at her workplace in Aberdeen four days later, asking her to update him on how X had been doing.

After his request was refused, the inspector forcefully pulled Y’s chair from behind, causing the then pregnant woman to feel sick. She subsequently had to take several days off from work.

On October 31, Li went to X’s home and asked to talk to her, but she did not answer. The officer then attempted to open the lock on the flat’s gate using an umbrella, but was unsuccessful. He only left when the woman’s parents returned home.

You have left your former girlfriend physically and emotionally drained

Magistrate Stephanie Tsui

Li was arrested on February 21 near his house, but had a four-minute struggle with two arresting officers which left them with scratches on their hands.

On Friday, Li pleaded guilty before Magistrate Stephanie Tsui May-har to two counts of common assault, and one count each of loitering and resisting police officers.

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Li did not ask for mitigation even though his father, a retired policeman, offered to write him a mitigation letter.

Passing sentence, Tsui said the present case was serious in that the defendant, an inspector, had stalked his former partner for almost two years.

“You have left your former girlfriend physically and emotionally drained,” the magistrate told Li in the dock, adding that the only mitigating factor was his guilty plea.

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