Eight People and Dog Rescued After Boat Capsizes on Georgia Lake

Eight people, including small children, plus a dog were rescued after an “overloaded” boat capsized on Lake Allatoona, Georgia, on Sunday, June 19, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said.

Game Warden Steven Martinez and Cpl Tyler Lewis of the DNR’s Law Enforcement Division were on the lake, which is located in northwest Georgia along the Etowah River, and witnessed the incident, the DNR said.

This body-worn camera footage, first from Lewis’s perspective and then from Martinez’s, shows the wardens arriving at the scene, throwing flotation devices to people in the water, and helping the victims onto their DNR vessel.

“This video shows the importance of always having a life jacket on as well as having a throwable life jacket readily available. We are thankful all occupants were rescued without injury,” the Georgia DNR said.

On Sunday night, two males were rescued from the Etowah River in Bartow County after becoming stranded without life jackets, according to local media. Credit: Georgia DNR via Storyful

Video transcript

TYLER LEWIS: They are, they're legit going under. They've been warning about that.

- Yeah.

- We know all that.


- Oh, man. Not good.

TYLER LEWIS: Yeah, no, no, not good at all.

- No.

- We got it.

- Everybody out?


- Is everybody out?

TYLER LEWIS: I'm being 4265 Cargo, shows that with a sinking vessel, the same location we've got there now. We got eight people in the water.

- Who else?

- Ready, go.


- She's moving out.

TYLER LEWIS: Hey, come here.

- Where's in the back?

TYLER LEWIS: In the back, in the back. I got you. I got you. I got you.


TYLER LEWIS: I got you. I got you. I got you. We're good. We're good. Go into the back, motor's off.


- It's OK, little one, it's OK. It's OK.

- Come here. We're good. OK. Step over. Pick them up. We're good.

- Ahh.


- What'd I get, no fishing, damn it.

TYLER LEWIS: You getting that?

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

TYLER LEWIS: Yeah, bro. Is that everyone?

- Where'd we plan it?

- Y'all OK?

- Where's that pro bag at?

- Right here.

- Any one else need a tablet before?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

TYLER LEWIS: No, usually, we're not on--

- I mean flipping over.

TYLER LEWIS: Usually we're not on scene for it. Does your dog bite?

- No, she's friendly, she friendly.


- No.

- Hey, well, we've got to get out back in this boat.

- All right. Look, get the bag.

- Are you, uh--

- Hey.

STEVEN MARTINEZ: Oh, man, this is not good. Yo.

- Follow me.

- But you're out of the deep? Out of the deep? Out of the deep?

STEVEN MARTINEZ: This isn't the same people. Is everybody OK?


STEVEN MARTINEZ: Is everybody out?

- Yeah.

STEVEN MARTINEZ: All right. All right. Uh. Who else?

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