Eiffel Tower Lights Up in Tribute to Essential Workers

Lights sparkled on the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Friday evening, March 27, in tribute to the various workers deemed essential in the fight against COVID-19, along with a scrolling message of “Merci.”

The city’s official page highlighted the work of caregivers, police, firefighters, city workers, paramedics, soldiers, grocery store employees, garbage collectors, deliverymen, and volunteers, among others.

Digital screens scrolled the words “stay at home” in both French and English, and “merci,” the French word for “thanks.”

“From this evening, every day at 8 pm, the Iron Lady lights up in tribute to all those people who are on the front line facing the coronavirus and taking care of Parisians,” the city said on Facebook.

According to the Eiffel Tower Facebook page, the lights would be on from 8 pm to 11 pm every night to “pay tribute to all those fighting the COVID-19.” Credit: City of Paris via Storyful