Eid al-Fitr festivities take place in Gaza

STORY: Families frequented parks and the beach during the holiday and expressed their joy and relief at ending the month of Ramadan peacefully.

"We thank God Ramadan ended peacefully, bringing joy to us and the children. Although there were some mild escalations during Ramadan, and we and the children feared that it would further develop and we wouldn't get a joyous Eid," 33-year-old Gaza resident, Mohammad al-Akhras said.

Fears of escalation of events are still looming in the air, especially in Gaza, where people are still cautiously recollecting.

"Today, people still fear an escalation. We were relieved with the end of corona(virus) and now we are facing the escalation. We ask God the almighty to provide us with a peaceful Eid and to let us enjoy it," said sandwich vendor Mohammad Totah.

Tensions this year have been heightened in part by the Muslim holy month of Ramadan coinciding with the Jewish celebration of Passover, which sees a rise in the number of Jewish visitors to the compound, revered by Jews as the site of two ancient temples.

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