Egyptians enjoy Ramadan Suhoor meal under the stars

STORY: The Suhoor meal is a staple in Ramadan, where Muslims eat late at night to prepare for the long day of fasting ahead.

Organised by an Egyptian adventure enthusiast, the night offers live music, local food and various board games, or an opportunity to relax and gaze at the night sky.

Traditionally, many people eat Suhoor at home or at cafes and restaurants, but an ambitious few have chosen the desert as this year's setting for their favorite pastime.

"It's a different experience to every other Ramadan experience I've had, and it is such a great setting, a new setting, with the mountains, the sky, the stars that seem so close, the lighting that ties it all together. It's my first, but will not be my last time here," said one of the visitors, Ramag Mowafy.

The camping experience, which is held every night throughout the holy month, costs around $16 per person.

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