Egyptian upcycles sunken boats into furniture

This Egyptian man upcycles wood from sunken ships

into intricate pieces of furniture

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Shaheer Maged started his business in 2015

after leaving his established career as an orthopedic surgeon

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) FURNITURE MAKER, SHAHEER MAGED, SAYING: "Using ships' wood is unique for so many reasons. First, every piece of furniture is one of its kind, only one piece of it in the whole world, just like paintings, because every piece is made from different pieces of wood of different shapes and sizes. Wood from the sea has a very strong character because it takes the colors of the ships, it has holes where nails used to be, it has history and character. This type of wood is not infested by insects because certain chemicals were accumulated in it due to salt in the sea and the sun. Most of the wood I use belong to sunken boats, so they are all strong, old and beautiful, and it can have a new long life in furniture instead of being thrown in the garbage."

Maged sells the pieces to his friends, online

or puts them on display in certain exhibitions

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