The Egyptian tourist city behind a wall

Beach, sea, and a concrete wall.

Egypt's popular red sea resort is hoping to send the message that it's a safe holiday destination.

Sharm el-Sheikh has been hit by a string events that's dented their tourism, including the crash of a Russian passenger jet in 2015 and bombings in 2005 that killed dozens in one of the country’s deadliest militant attacks.

So, authorities here have recently finished building a 36-kilometer concrete and wire barrier encircling the resort on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

The new security barrier separates the resort from the desert around it.

Those entering the city by road have to pass through one of four gates equipped with cameras and scanners.

Sharm el-Sheikh is about 360 kilometers south of Sinai's northern, Mediterranean coast, where an insurgency by Islamist militants has been concentrated.

It might be an eyesore but authorities hope it'll lure back visitors.