Egyptian school introduces dividers between desks

Learning behind glass dividers

Locator: Cairo, Egypt

The Tiba Maadi School in Cairo

installed Plexiglas dividers between students' desks

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, INAS TAKY EL DIN,SAYING:"I saw many schools abroad adopting the same idea, these desks, in various ways. So we tried it in a number of different ways through several trials until we reached the one we are using now. It does cost quite a bit, but the school administration this year decided they won't increase the school fees, and this is something we will cover for the children. We're planning on using it for a while, until things settle down. It's a very practical idea, and has gained acceptance from both the children and their parents, it has reassured them on holding lessons indoors, with social distancing and with their face shields or masks."

Additional safety measures include:

Wearing face masks or shields

Checking students' temperatures

Posting the school year's curriculum online