Egyptian mother makes candles to battle ADHD

STORY: This Egyptian mother makes candles to manage her ADHD

[Location: Cairo, Egypt]

The 34-year-old was advised by a therapist to find a practical activity to help her focus

so she ordered a candle making kit online

[Aya El Sherbiny, Mother and candle maker]

"The fact that I can organize my thoughts, it was all thanks to candle making. I have step one, two, three. As you saw while I was working, the candle needs details and steps and, if I did not follow them, I would have to repeat the process. It forces me to follow the steps one by one. This made me more focused, I could organize many things in my life including my sons, the household, my family, and many other things."

After discovering candle making, she left behind 14 years in the corporate world

to start her own business selling scented candles online

"I don't see ADHD as a disease, a dysfunction or a problem. On the contrary, those who understand it and know how to deal with it can benefit the most, and also the people around them benefit. It is an energy that is not utilized."