Egyptian man turns wastepaper into handicrafts

STORY: This Egyptian artist turns waste into works of art

Emad Hamdy Shaaban creates a paste from leftover paper and cardboard

which he then uses to create art pieces

(Emad Hamdy Shaaban, Artist)

“These are pastes made from waste items, this one is made from paper, this paste is made from cardboard, this is made from sponge and this made from wood. Using these pastes I do handicrafts that are environmentally friendly.”

His aim is to inspire others to protect the environment

while creating an additional income for his family by selling his art online

(Emad Hamdy Shaaban, Artist)

“Recycling is a form of art, just like any other visual art. I hope that more attention will be given to this art form, so that people who have the talent of recycling would be encouraged to produce more and help the environment.”