Egyptian environmental group builds pyramid of trash

STORY: Location: Giza, Egypt

This is a pyramid made out of trash

collected from the Nile River

The environmental group VeryNile built it

to mark international coastal cleanup day

[Farah Abdel Baqy, Awareness and Marketing Manager, VeryNile Initiative]

"We clean the Nile daily. This is the plastic collected from the Nile over 45 days by 60 fishermen whose income has been impacted due to water pollution and this has become a new source of income for them. This plastic is a precious resource, it is better for it to be recycled and not wasted in the Nile. The Nile is the most important resource and there are 96 million Egyptians who depend on it daily."

VeryNile was launched in 2018

with the aim of cleaning up the Nile

The group says fishermen remove about 220 pounds

of plastic waste from the Nile each day

The trash is either recycled into threads

for use in textiles or used as a source of power