Egyptian athlete overcomes injury to win silver

STORY: Esraa Owis overcame a devastating ankle injury

to become the first Egyptian female athlete to win a silver medal in long jump

in the 2022 Mediterranean Games

Doctors originally told Owis

that she only had a 10% chance of competing again

But after seven months of rehab she got back onto the track

Esraa Owis, Athlete:

"(After the operation) I couldn’t do even the simplest movement and everyday tasks on my own. I walked with crutches and still needed one or two people to help me around. It was very hard on me. I imagined where I had been and where I am now, but as hard as it was it motivated me to come back to sports."

Owis and her trainer are now gearing up

for the 2023 World Athletics Championships

Hesham Aly, Trainer:

"We have gone through long phases of exhaustion, injuries, and massive stress. But all this, thank God, vanishes when you are rewarded, like you forget all the effort."

"The first thing that we need for support is to fix this stadium. This is the stadium where we practice the long jump. This stadium (needs maintenance) because it gets players injured on a weekly basis. Esraa needs to take great care to be able to qualify. We need internal and external camps and to play internationally several times. Medals are not achieved without support. Everyone should understand that the players who compete in the world championships and won medals, are sponsored with millions."

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