Egyptian artist creates art using unusual materials

STORY: This Egyptian artist creates portraits of famous people

...using unusual materials


“What is difficult about these (types of) drawings is that one must stay in the sun for an hour in order to finish the painting, which is harmful to the body and eyes, but I am willing to do anything for the love of art. This is a painting of Marilyn Monroe.”

Gamal uses everything from sunlight to sand

and even fried eggs for his art

“This is a hobby of mine. I work for an infrastructure company. I think that one should not let go of their hobby, as it is what gives them purpose in life and allows them to do what they love. I chose this type of art specifically because not everyone can attend exhibitions and it allows my videos to reach people on their phones, where they can choose (to watch) what interests them and what enhances their mood at the end of the day.”

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