Egypt opens two new museums at Cairo airport

Egypt has opened two new museums

Location: Cairo

They are at terminals 2 and 3 at Cairo's main airport

and house nearly 360 artifacts

(SOUNDBITE) (English) EGYPTIAN MINISTER OF TOURISM AND ANTIQUITIES, KHALED EL-ANANY, SAYING: "We are opening two new small museums at terminals 2 and 3 of Cairo International Airport.The first one in terminal 2 contains 304 objects belonging to all eras of Egyptian civilization since the pre-dynastic period, the Pharaonic times, the Greek-Roman eras, Jewish, Christian and Islamic monuments as well as some artifacts from the modern era. In terminal 3, there are 59 objects and as you can see they are a diversified collection."

Tickets cost around $3 per visitor

Passengers in transit can also visit the collection

More museums are planned to be inaugurated

in other airports across the country