Egypt completes renovation of ancient king's southern tomb

This ancient Egyptian tomb has reopened to the public

LOCATION: Giza, Egypt

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SECRETARY-GENERAL OF SUPREME COUNCIL OF ANTIQUITIES, MOSTAFA WAZIRI, SAYING:"Today, after 15 years of architectural renovation works and installations inside the southern tomb, it has reopened today for the first time. I am talking about the 7.5x7.5 meter wide well, with a depth of 1.30 meters."

The 4,700 year-old tomb belonged to Egyptian King Djoser

who reigned between 2667-2648 BC

Some researchers suggest it was built to preserve Djoser's internal organs

The tomb is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) SECRETARY-GENERAL OF SUPREME COUNCIL OF ANTIQUITIES, MOSTAFA WAZIRI, SAYING:"Djoser has two tombs, the southern tomb and his royal tomb. Some researchers suggest that maybe this southern tomb was built for the preservation of his internal organs. Others say it was built as a symbolic one of King Djoser. So here there is either a symbolic tomb or a tomb to preserve internal organs or to be distinguished from the Royal tomb that exists in Abydos in Sohag."

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