Effigy of former UK PM Truss to go up in flames

STORY: Liz Truss has been unveiled as a

UK town’s celebrity effigy for 2022

L: Edenbridge, England

The 36-foot figure depicts

the former prime minister

alongside Larry the cat

a lettuce that outlasted her

and other items linked to her 49 days in office

(Laura Lawrence, Edenbridge Bonfire Society)

''I think considering everything that she's done, I think they will be delighted, I think people... it's all in light heart, we're not a malicious group at all. So I think everyone will just be delighted that we've chosen her as the effigy for this year.''

Boris Johnson was the effigy in 2018

and Donald Trump was featured in 2016

The effigy will go up in flames on

November 5, Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night