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We get paid to shop all day, and these are the 25+ best products we bought in April

editors' best products from april, including concealer, a phone charger, birkenstocks, and a nightgown
They say April is "the cruelest month," but we felt absolutely blessed by the shopping gods. (Photo: Amazon, Nordstrom, Sephora)

When you spend all day seeking out the best products online, you get really good at being able to tell the winners from the...not so great. Those "Aha!" moments when we discover something truly worthwhile are super exciting; not only because we've found a quality product to incorporate into our own lives, but because we also get to share our new fave things with you. You'll see that many of us have warm weather on the brain, as this month's best products list includes a durabe kiddie/dog pool, dermatologist-approved sunscreen, high-tech ice cream maker and more. Keep reading to see what else made the cut — you just might find your new favorite, too!

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Rick Broida, Senior Tech Editor

It’s not an ice cream maker in the traditional sense, but it makes ice cream that rivals anything Ben & Jerry ever put into a pint.
$180 at Amazon

It’s wrong to call the Ninja Creami an ice cream maker, because you actually do the making: Mix your ingredients in a plastic tub, then freeze for at least 24 hours. But then the Creami steps up with a special paddle that churns those ingredients into amazing ice cream, sorbet, gelato and more. You can get creative with mix-ins and healthy with fruit-forward recipes. This machine is big, loud and fairly expensive, but it’s also crazy-addicting and just plain fun.

Carrie McCabe, Shopping Editor

This versatile phone mount can be secured to your dashboard, windshield or air vent.
$30 at Amazon

I finally upgraded my phone this month, but this left me with a dilemma: thanks to the dimensions and thickness of my new iPhone 14 Pro Max along with its (necessary for clumsy ol’ me) PopSocket, my phone no longer fit in my previous dashboard car mount. Thankfully, I found this solution, made especially for thicker-than-average phones — so, if you’re an Otterbox user, for example, this car mount will be able to hold your phone snugly so you can watch your GPS without it tumbling to your car floor.

Never worry about your fitted sheet not fitting over your mattress ever again!
$25 at Amazon

I love my Bob-O-Pedic pillow-top mattress SO much, but finding good fitted sheets for it is a GIGANTIC pain. Not only is this mattress thick as heck, but the pillow top causes nearly any fitted sheet to pop off during the night. The CGK Unlimited’s Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet is not quite perfect, as we still do need to adjust every so often to keep it secure, but it’s the best solution we’ve found yet to our problem. Its extra-deep pockets fit mattresses up to 24" thick and the fitted sheet itself is super soft and comfy. Plus, it comes in almost a zillion colors (okay, more like around 20) so you’re sure to find a shade that fits your bedroom aesthetic.

Kristine Solomon, Shopping Editor

This bottle makes it easy to down a half gallon of water a day, thanks to hourly time markers from 8am to 6pm. (Don't forget to refill at lunch time!) Choose from clear, pink or (translucent) black.
$18 at Amazon

I'm the kind of busy person who literally forgets to drink water and then gets surprised at the end of the day when I'm dehydrated. So I decided to outsource the job to this beautiful, brilliant, reusable water bottle that has time markers to remind me to take a few big gulps each hour. It's made of clear, impact-resistant, BPA-free plastic and has a leak-proof lid, so I have no qualms about keeping it right next to my computer while I work. Now, in addition to coffee breaks, I take water breaks! It's also lightweight enough to carry in a purse or gym bag.

This ingenious quartet lets you pack your belongings in size order (larger bag for sweaters and pants, medium bag for blouses and dresses, small bag for undergarments).
$25 at Amazon

After traveling to 30 countries, I've finally started using compression packing cubes, and let me tell you — they're a game changer! I've always rolled (not folded) everything and placed it inside the suitcase, but no matter how neatly I packed, the clothes and belongings in my checked bag would be disorganized when I arrived at my destination. These let me divide and conquer, and the compression holds everything securely in place and prevents wrinkling. When you've filled them to capacity, press the cube down and zipper them tightly — no vacuum required. They save up to 60% of space in your luggage and are lightweight and water-resistant. And it's just so satisfying to unzip my luggage and see organization! It makes unpacking easier, too.

Izabella Zaydenberg, Deputy Editor

Bad hair day? No problem. This cute headband helps hide greasy roots and keeps those tresses out of your face.
$8 at Ulta

I’m embarrassed by how frequently I wear this headband! I throw it on when I'm washing my face, to keep my uncomfortably long bangs out of my face, and when I want to hide that I haven’t washed my hair in nearly a week.

Hope your kitty had a happy 4/20! Your cats will go absolutely gaga over this 100% organic catnip.
$19 at Amazon

High-larious name aside, this stuff absolutely drives my cat a good way. She rolls around in it, eats it, and goes absolutely bananas whenever she spots the container. I’ve had the same tub for years, too — it’ll last you ages!

This plant-derived room spray will make your home smell heavenly — minus any headache-inducing chemicals.
$12 at Amazon

I hate the chemical-y smell of most cleaning products, but this Caldrea room spray smells just like I’m hanging out in a cottage in the middle of the woods. They really should make this a perfume; I’d be first in line to buy it.

Britt Ross, Deals Writer

Dark circles, be gone!
$30 at Sephora

I'll admit, I was influenced by TikTok. As someone who's had dark circles under their eyes for, well, my entire adulthood, I've tried my fair share of concealers. They were all either cakey, settled into creases or just didn't last throughout the day. I kept seeing videos raving about this Kosas concealer all over my For You Page, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Cut to: This is by far the best concealer I've tried, thanks to its creamy, non-drying formula and lasting power. My eyes' before and afters could probably sell tube after tube of this stuff — it's that good.

Seriously, where has this lifesaver been all my life? For years I used cheap can openers that would bend or rust in no time, making what should be a simple task a royal pain. Finally, I upgraded to this Oxo model and...I'm obsessed. Not only does it have an ergonomic knob and handles to take some of the pressure off my poor hands, it also effortlessly slices around the outside of the can's lid so you won't have any sharp edges to deal with! Plus, it has little built-in pliers that'll pry the lid off of the can to keep your fingers clean. Is it possible to marry a kitchen gadget? I'm looking into it right now.

Libby Sentz, Shopping Editor

Made of safe, eco-friendly materials, this stainless steel water bottle includes a clever, fold-out silicone drinking bowl. Unlock and tip it to let water flow in and out, as needed. Also available in red, green and violet, and in a 40 oz. size.
$27 at Amazon

The dog days are already here, and if I want to take my pooch along for a hike, I must keep her hydrated. Otherwise, she plops herself down in resistance. I can't carry a 60-pound dog very far, but I can carry this brilliant PupFlask. It hooks right onto my belt loop. She immediately took to drinking out of the silicone bowl, and whatever she doesn't lap up goes right back in the bottle. I originally bought the very large 40-ounce model, but the 27-ounce has proved more than ample for my baby. Over 3,800 reviewers have also given it a big paws-up.

This top-selling, non-slip doggie/kiddie pool stands up to heavy play and then folds right up when you are finished. The handy drain valve makes disassembly a cinch. Currently available in four sizes.
$33 at Amazon

Seems everything I buy these days is for my big kid or my big dog, but we're all wild about this durable pool. It induces laughter, breaks the heat, keeps everyone clean and brilliantly folds away in a flash! The generous XXL size we have is great for kid or puppy playdates, and I am happy to use the spent water to clean garden tools and water the plants.

Patrick Hearn, Tech Editor

Amazon's got your hookup: Eight standard outlets, four USB ports and multiple connection angles. What more can you ask for?
$15 at Amazon

I'm a bit of a neat freak when it comes to cable management, and one of my biggest pet peeves is plugs that take up more than a single outlet space. This power strip and outlet extender lets me plug in everything I need while keeping those bulky connectors out of the way.

A dozen customizable buttons make it easy to instantly launch programs or perform tasks that would otherwise be a multi-click process.
$33 at Amazon

Now that I'm in my 30s, gaming is just as much about comfort as it is about skill. I want something I can use for long play sessions without torturing my wrists, and the Redragon Impact is my salvation. It's ergonomically contoured, while making it easy to map different abilities in-game to the 12 mouse buttons without reaching for awkward keyboard hot keys.

Westry Green, Managing Editor

Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric makes this the perfect sleepwear choice. Plus it’s the softest nightgown you might ever wear.
$74 at Nordstrom

I bought this as an anniversary present for my wife; she’s in love with it (and hopefully with me, too). It’s so incredibly soft and comfy that most Saturdays she stays in it as long as she can get away with it. The nightgown is made from eco-friendly modal knit which manages to be breathable but still warm, making it a perfect choice for these in-between-seasons times. Although it's on the pricey side, it was a worthy splurge.

Gnats, fruit flies and other tiny pests don’t stand a chance with these cute insecticide-free sticky traps. Just nestle a trap or two into the soil of your house plants whenever you notice any bugs in the area.
$14 at Amazon

Every spring my house plants seem to attract gnats. I’ve tried repotting them in new soil, changing their locations and watering them less frequently — but none of these actions helped in the long term. Since I didn’t want to turn to chemical insectides, I searched for a natural bug killer. Amazon shoppers pointed me to these little sticky traps, and I’m now a convert. All I need to do is push the pointed side into the soil when it’s damp and replace it every couple of weeks. It’s unbelievable (and disgusting) how many gnats get stuck to them in just a few days.

Rebecca Carhart, Beauty Editor

A portable charger that’s small enough to fit in my pocket? Yes, please!
$25 at Amazon

I have a trip to Europe coming up next week, so I grabbed this compact portable charger while it was on double discount. The device is as small as a tube of lipstick, so it doesn’t take up much space and it will keep my phone juiced up while I’m out and about all day exploring. I also love that the charger fits directly into the phone’s socket, so I don’t have to carry around an extra cord.

'Lean' is right: This trio of cubes helps me pack so much more stuff in my carry-on.
$33 at Amazon

I hate checking luggage, so I always travel with just a carry-on bag, no matter how long the trip. Packing cubes are the only way I can stay organized and squeeze in all my essentials. This set helps me fit even more stuff inside, as each cube has an extra zipper for added compression that shrinks them from four inches to one. I also love that the top of each cube has a mesh panel so I can easily see what’s inside.

Korin Miller, Shopping Editor

Don't believe us, believe the 10,000-plus five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, who've raved about their comfiness and durability.
$28 at Amazon

I'm in love with these Reef sandals. I wear them every summer, and my last pair held up for three years of pretty much daily use in the warmer months. They have impressive cushioning and durability, and grip the ground nicely, so I don't slide around in the rain or on wet pool decks. I've never had issues with chafing, either — they're comfy straight out of the box!

Nicole Sforza, Executive Editor

Not only does this cool belt bag allow you to travel hands-free, it's packed with safety features too, from a reflective strip for nighttime jaunts to secret interior and back pockets to foil any would-be sticky fingers. Choose from 16 colors.
$18 at Amazon

I just got back from a girls' trip to Vegas and was jealous the whole time of my friend who sported this handy fanny pack on and off the Strip. I ordered one immediately once I saw the budget-friendly price. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? It just arrived and I cannot wait to use it. It's neutral without being a snooze and can be worn multiple ways — I'm thinking crossbody.

Lightweight and foldable, with UPF 50 sun protection? This hat is a no-brainer.
$26 at Amazon

I can't begin to count how many sun hats I've bought that got crushed and ruined — from being sat on, rained on, stuffed inside a suitcase or run over by a car (seriously). And I never really found one that looked that great on me anyway. I'm hard on my hats and I do want to travel with them, so when I saw this packable cutie, I pounced. It's perfect! It looks great, fits well without being too snug that it's headache-inducing and really can fold and unfold without any creasing! My kids starting wearing it and I got nervous they'd steal it so I got them similar children-sized versions — how cute!

Lisa Schweitzer, Senior Editor

This sheer, oil-free formula is ideal for sensitive or acne-prone skin types. Zinc oxide and octinoxate offer broad-spectrum protection.
$39 at Amazon

When my dermatologist recommended this everyday moisturizer with sunscreen I was sort of annoyed because it's on the pricier side, but even I have to admit that this product is worth every penny. The texture is light and silky, it absorbs quickly and doesn't interfere with makeup.

These classic leather sandals feature a shock-absorbing footbed with an extra layer of plush foam cushioning that mimics the shape of your foot. Once you've broken them in, you'll never take them off.
$140 at Nordstrom

After spending good money on pair after pair of totally flat, unsupportive sandals that left me miserable by the end of the day, I finally succumbed to the Birkenstock Arizona sandal and I've never looked back. They're supportive, durable and made for all-day wear and travel adventures. I just picked up this silver colorway as my neutral go-to for spring and summer.

Rory Halperin, Partnerships and Branded Content Editor

This affordable yet stylish straw purse easily dresses up any summer outfit. It's just the right size to hold your phone, keys, credit cards and lipstick.
$35 at Target

I had been looking for a bag like this for a while and came across this one on Target's most-shared list a few weeks back. When I got it in the mail, it was even cuter than I expected! The straw bag comes in three colors— I purchased the natural shade — and I absolutely love the trendy tortoiseshell shoulder chain. I can't wait to use it all the time when the weather gets warmer.

Track your stress levels, improve your sleep and more with this nifty on-hand (get-it) fitness tracker.
$120 at Amazon

I've worn Fitbit trackers for years, but recently upgraded to the Luxe — and I'm so happy that I did. Not only does it keep track of my steps and sleep, but it's not clunky and looks good with anything I wear. The battery is really impressive, too. I can go nearly a week without charging it.

Rachel Roszmann, Weekend Editor

Light and hydrating, this magic elixir marula absorbs quickly for a soft, radiant complexion.
$10 at Amazon

If you haven’t heard of marula oil yet, you will soon. I’m obsessed with this stuff — it’s replaced my morning moisturizer. I’ve always wondered what people meant when they said “my skin feels so silky,” and now I know. There’s also a glow that I can’t explain — I look like I’m wearing highlighter!

Stay hydrated the healthy way! This vessel removes 90% of chlorine and 99% of sediment from your H2O before it goes down your gullet.
$33 at Amazon

I have summer vacation on the brain, so I’m picking up travel essentials here and there for road trips and whatnot. I got this carafe with a filter to use in hotels. I don’t know what it is about hotel water, but no matter what state I’m in or how fancy the place is, the water tastes terrible. This fixes that. It’s lightweight and narrow, making it packable and easy to carry, even for long hauls.