Edinburgh well-wishers camp out, await queen's coffin

STORY: Many of the crowd travelled up from England to take part, while Edinburgh residents arrived early to get a 'good spot.' Members of the public also expressed gratitude that the Queen had died in Scotland, allowing Edinburgh and the rest of the country to take part in the event before it moves to London.

Waiting well-wishers said the mood was cheerful and friendly but said they expected a more somber atmosphere as the coffin came closer. The Queen arrived at Edinburgh's Holyrood Palace on Sunday afternoon (September 11) and will be led by procession up the Royal Mile before entering St Giles' Cathedral.

King Charles will accompany the coffin procession on foot before a service is then held at the Cathedral. The coffin will remain under vigil at St Giles' for 24 hours where members of the public will be allowed to file past to pay their last respects.